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Spartan Up!

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Imagine, if you will, growing up in Siberia and having nothing: barely enough food to survive, an ice cold home to live in, tasked everyday to survive. If you’ve found yourself anywhere near the state of Michigan this winter, this shouldn’t be a difficult exercise to complete.

Now come back to your life from that frame of reference and comb through your daily challenges. The obstacles that, in your mind, obstruct you from achieving your goals, your fullest potential, your greatest happiness.

The car payments on a car that won’t start, a mailbox overflowing with bills, a fridge with no milk for your cereal in the morning, an ice slick down the drive that cuts your legs from under you — feel the frustration that accompanies each pitfall.

Then take those frustrations and put them into context. Would those sorts of things have the slightest effect on your well being or limit you in any way if every morning, you were happy simply to be alive?

And with that, what is it that we need to be fulfilled? Instant weight loss? Instant promotions? A timely and positive response from a social media platform? Cheap and easy fixes that can be inserted into our lives like a bag of popcorn into a microwave, expanding to fill empty space with what is mainly just air.

Just air, with a mild taste and no sustenance.

A reminder that anyone can demand instant gratification, but if you can manage to overcome your will with discipline and patience long enough to delay the payoff, you might be able to enjoy a well prepared meal en lieu of a microwave filler and get where you want to go. Where you need to go.

Separating the trivial  from the essential in our lives is a daily exercise we must take on to maximize our lives, and it requires perspective, a frame of reference, to know what we both need and want. It’s a balancing act of appreciating what’s already there and striving for more.

And if you want to change your life, who says easier and faster is always better? What some perceive as adversity often paves the road to success, and in Joe De Sena’s new book entitled Spartun Up!, he outlines a take-no-prisoners guide to overcoming obstacles and achieving peak performance in life.

De Sena was born in Queens, NY to a yoga teaching, meditation practicing mother and an Italian father that was an uber-entrepreneur the author learned simple techniques for forging ahead no matter the odds — techniques he wishes to share with you.

Techniques modeled after De Sena’s contributions to the enormously popular Spartan Race, which stretches the 26.2 mile marathon archetype. Techniques centered around a simple philosophy: to commit to a goal, put in the work, and get it done.

From that philosophy, as played out first in his own life and now for millions across trails, through mud, and up mountainsides, Spartan Race was born and now relived in Spartan Up!.

In the book, De Sena provides a life strategy guide that takes you out of your comfort zone and into a combat zone. As he breaks down obstacles from his many races, detailing how each parallels real life experiences, you will learn how to:

• conquer your greatest obstacle—your will
• embrace your greatest friend—discipline
• make limitations vanish and establish a new normal
• achieve the ultimate: obstacle immunity

Filled with unforgettable stories of Spartan racers as well as hard-won truths learned along the course, Spartan Up! was penned to help anyone reach their full potential—in life, business, relationships, indeed anything a reader sets out to do — and is available for order today. 


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March 3, 2014 at 1:37 am

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Tampa Special Ops Spartan Race

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Voted the No. 1 obstacle course race by Outside Magazine, the Spartan Race is on a mission to get participants active, healthy, excited about change, by returning to ancient roots where running through woods, getting dirty and facing adversity was part of everyday life.

The events are all about challenging today’s perception of normal living, and on Feb. 15, the Tampa Special Ops Spartan Race will be hosted at Raymond James Stadium. Start off the new year by challenging your perception and your comfort zone!

The Spartan race is designed to accommodate a variety of levels of fitness, from the entry level Spartan Sprint, to the intermediate level Super Spartan, all the way up to the advanced Spartan Beast and the ‘99.9% need not apply’ extreme level Death Race.

Whatever your level, Spartan Race will test your strength, stamina, and sense of humor.

Visit for more details.


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